Me Being Such A Hesitate Thinking Girl

I know that title might not be right enough to explain what im thinking rite now. Im just thought thats it what I want to express about.
Before-all, today is my country’s independence day. It’s 8.17.
And what ive been thinking this evening is: I supposed to move to other rent-room for my new semester year.
I dont know why I even think about to move from my – yea what my friends said its a cozy yet wide – room.
Its like ‘my urgent things to do’ for the whole starter for my nu semester.

The problem is, I dont even dare to ask my dad about this new rent room and the biggest thing I thought is. Money.
Those rent rooms and apartments are expensively costed.
Just because of the strategic places and the more of facilities.
The one I wanted is wide. Wide, airy, spacious.

I admit this is about my willing to have my own room since I was child. But it never be until now.
The image of me wearing my sweat shirt, decorating my own room with my own cute yet vintage furnitures.
Wall stickers.
Floral. Vintage. Old. Warm. Cozy.
And itll be full of my memories.

Just that what I was thinking back there.

But now I h a v e t o think that I have the best and effective rent room ever.
In the first time I thought of that.

But if. I cant have my own wide room – like apartment, I mean – its okay.
Maybe I just have to ask for it later 🙂
In my new journey.
Wishing to fulfill my wishlist 🙂
Wish me luck. Even its just for the wide yet apartment-like room


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