extraordinary morning dream

so this is my first time to tell you about something attractive happened this morning.

when i try to sleep more after pray. then i realized im in a dream.

but i just thought that im the one who setted the story about.

so this is about B1A4’s Sandeul. i dont really know why and why but i thought its because today is 20th March and this is his birthday to 22nd years old.

and because im his fans of course. but i never goin this far even with Baro.

okay, so the setting was in the hospital room because he has been recovering from his knee surgery not long ago. before they held the Taipei and Indonesia showcases maybe.

and there were my collegian friends with some of his (sandeul’s) partner or family, waiting inside the room. then one time when everybody gone he told me that he wanna take some air and seeing around.

so i said yes.

in another set, it looked like i a big urban mall with a lot of people from different backgrounds were shopping and wandering.

the story became like i was waiting for my friend named Ron finished his shopping in a sport stand.

after we met we decided to sit and ordered some ice cream and chatee a minute.

then things get a little freaked out and gripped. We separated, he grabbed me and deliberately pulled me away from Ron.

We were still in the mall, but what i saw was very different than before. We surrounded by the fans maniac and they began to realize the state of him. And slowly approached to ask for his autograph.

i didnt really know why they were so creepy with their appearance or what. but i knew that something bothering us there.

then in a time the fans maniac became so rude so he told me to took him away. and of course i did have to save him from them.

so we ran into a corner lift and try to escape. but i felt bad for leaving Ron just like that in that scary place. but when i tried to hold the lift’s door, these creepy people came forward and tried to reach him.

he looked so weak and i didnt have any consideration to worsen his condition.

so i closed the lift’s door straight away.

We sat quietly in the elevator. think of what just happened and confused.

then secretly he came near me and took my hand. I just felt him trembling and cold. even he wore a black semi-sweater.

He asked me to draw near.

and i did.

We are still in the same position until a few moments. huddled close together.

then things began to change slowly. The doors slid open and laid out a field of mining obsolete who has been abandoned.

then came a bunch of little girls and they entered into the elevator with us. I think it would be fine, but quickly the elevator changed direction and lift moving horizontally.

it was so fast.

and in a moment i can felt him afraid of something and hold my hand more tightly. and he whispered, ‘kajima’

and absolutely i knew. but in time we didnt need any language to confess and talk each other.

just by the creepy looks from these little girls already made us realized that no more people think alike with us of the artist. 

and it extremely punched my head.

and one moment that little girls tried to approach him and grab him. but I was try blocking them as much as possible. I exert all energy to get moving, screaming, and destroy them.

I feel very hard only to get rid of their hands of sandeul. And i exhausted only to protect him from a child.

then everything suddenly gone. and the elevator had stopped suddenly. but all became silence.

and the one thing I really realized was, we were dealing with each other. and he said, ‘ I’m sorry ‘

and he kissed me. on cheeks. and forehead.

and what ive done just staring and sighing. i just knew it wasnt a real one of course.

but at once i felt so empty and wanna burst out of tears. but i didn’t.

i know he was hurt.

We came out of the elevator and found we were in a field, full of gravel and reeds.

a lot of creepy guys who seem fine walking around. I seemed to know the direction, but it was just familiar. I was try to make him believe me.

and i just grabbed his hands and walk fast to reach our motel. and out of this dark and creepy place.

then we met an old worker man wandered beside an old pond.

foolishly I approached him and asked him where the motel is.
suddenly he wanted to hit me with his stick. i startled.
We passed through it difficulty. and until we meet again at the t-junction with the 3 weird sisters were teasing us.
and they almost made sandeul fall.
i never knew when it ends and just pray as we found the motel fast, meet my friends and just over.
but the three sisters keep teasing us until sandeul yelled them to get away.
i felt bad for his knee. it looked worse along with we tried to save our life there.
as long as we argue with 3 sisters then we finally found a way that allows us to reach the motel.
and when we already found the motel, realized that there were so many people talking and even prepared to search us.
but when we entered the motel suddenly the feeling turn into bizarre.
the people didnt looks good and welcoming us ant the same time.
Actually what was happening here..

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