Invitation to join Coverium – musical talents community Dear Zhafirah Ghassani, 

Congratulations on an awesome cover, we’ve watched and really enjoyed it ([COVER] Lee Hi-1234). Thank you for sharing it. Your talent is extremely promising!  Coverium ( or is the first social networking site for those who like to create and watch cover song videos. It helps you to get more views for your covers and meet other people who share the same passion for music and covers 🙂 We invite you to join our community (we already have about 11.000 members) for and import this magnificent video (and other covers you might have) to our catalog. 

+ Import is as simple as copy and paste YouTube link to your cover and takes just 5 seconds

+ Imported covers are immediately available for THOUSANDS of visitors at the main page of our site:

+ Your cover will be listed in our catalog under original artist name category, for example ‘Adele’: + Views of your covers at Coverium are automatically added to views at YouTube + Your cover has a chance to win ‘Editors choice’ award at Coverium and get additional promotion.

+ Coverium is not only a catalog of covers, but a social network too. Meet interesting people (we have about 11.000 registered members), create new bands, upload your photos etc.

+ Coverium is 100% free service, everyone can join and show it to our community  If you would like to join,

here’s what you could do:

1. For registration at Coverium please go to COVERIUM.COM and clck ‘Register’ button, or use this link: 

2. After registration and activation your account, follow this link to add your covers: 

3. If you have any QUESTIONS please read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page: 

P.S: you can also check our official facebook group, Coverium has received 1500+ likes (!):  If you don’t trust this message, our facebook group and included links, you can check CoverTube/Coverium safety using public services, for example at WebStatsDomain:  Or Webutation: 

P.P.S: We apologize for any inconvenience; we just liked your video and merely wished to share our passion about covers with you. You will never receive this invitation again. If you don’t want to share your covers in our community, just ignore this invitation. For proposals – feel free to email us:  Sincerely, Coverium team


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