Running Man’s Casts Qualities

here is an interview I’ve copied from allkpop forum snapped from Osen interviewing Cho Hyo Jin, Running Man’s variety lead producer.
from what he said, he talked about running man’s casts qualities, here they are:

Yoo Jae Suk has a soft charisma that he can lead the entire team with. He is also adept at pointing out the focus of the week’s concept. When we plan a new item, he’s the one saying “this is how we’re supposed to do it“. Thanks to that, it makes it easier for the audience to follow the show. The way he can point out the focal point or theme of an episode we’ve planned borders on genius.

Yoo Jae Suk

Kim Jong Kook is the image of power that the show can’t be without. In the upcoming episode with Choo Sung Hoon, the two of them get in a sparring match. He also acts as a ‘counter partner’ that the members can run to. All programs say they need an ‘evil’ role to be successful, but Kim Jong Kook isn’t evil – he’s more of an ‘enemy’ role. He also has his faults and isn’t too strong, so that adds to his merit.

Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo holding her own among the male cast. She fits with the recent trend of favoring strong-willed women who don’t pretend to be fragile. She doesn’t hold herself as weak, is very quick on her feet, and is able to stand up against an enemy or a mission without a second thought.

Song Ji Hyo

Lee Kwang Soo started variety. He learns things very quickly. He’s also the youngest, so he gets a lot of love on the set because he treats his hyungs so well. The members are all playful with him and that shows up in the final product. He is also good at thinking outside the box, and acts as a sort of spice to the program. He has never been on a variety show before, but he shows remarkable growth. It was a good decision choosing him.

Lee Gwang Soo

Gary was always known for having a quick-witted tongue. It’s a relief that he’s able to show that off on the program. Maybe it’s because he’s a lyricist, but he has a different way of talking, kind of like a poet. He doesn’t look it, but he is surprisingly popular with the ladies. (laughter) Although you can’t tell from the outside, he hides a lot of charm on the inside. He seems innocent, but is good at pick-up lines, and that’s his true character.


Ji Suk Jin takes care of the younger ones behind the scenes very well. He’s not hesitant about using his body, so despite his age he often provides a lot of body gags – even though his body doesn’t listen to him. (laughter) It’s not easy for the eldest member to do that kinds of things, so I’m very thankful towards him.

Ji Suk Jin

HaHa is someone who I can trust with anything. He has a very strong foundation. He understands how the producers want something to play out, and runs with it. Some of the qualities of Yoo Jae Suk I can also find in HaHa. He himself says he learned these traits from Yoo Jae Suk. He taught him well.

Haha-Ha Dong Hoon

finally~ and if you guys like this amazingly bring laughter korean variety show, just keep your love and support for them 😀

running man in action~

as the casts character

Running Man’s casts character

Yoo Jae Suk as grasshoper
Kim Jong Kook as tiger
Haha as penguin
Song Ji Hyo as… cat? but i think its a lamb. LOL
Lee Gwang Soo as giraffe
Gary as monkey, and
Ji Suk Jin as… what is it? ._. okay lets say it buffalo then 😀


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