BABA B1A4 Jakarrta announced

heeeeyyyyyy guys, wadup~
I’m so so so so excited this night just to hear that promotor’s announcement of the next events.
BigDaddy, an Indonesian big promotor confirmed that my number one idol, B1A4 planned to held a showcase here in Jakarta, Indonesia. its on 12th March.

BABA B1A4 Jakarta

BABA B1A4 Jakarta


it has been announced yet the price list, seat list, and the other addition information. but it still sooo amaze to hear.
know what, I really hope this showcase will be the most memorable showcase I ever had. i mean it because I already in a college right now in my age 17 but its so sad realized that my ‘kpop friends’ is not that much.
but it doesn’t make any sense though._.
forget it.

and for the price list. I beg you so dear mr. promotor not to point it over a million. I know it may be a lil’ meet and greet (of course it takes additional cost) but if there is I WILL BUY IT. how much it is. okay, for the last thing I spend my money.

just hope it’ll be a memorable event too for them, B1A4. and to remember Indonesian BANAs 😀


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