Have Fun This Day

okay, this tittle ‘have fun this day’ is really make this whole day -what can I say- looks pity. or even pathetic
I really told you that today, especially this evening mom was asking me to come join them to hang out in a beach. of course it’ll be Ancol in where quite near from here.
but unfortunately -or it can said by- mom suddenly take it out and said it delayed.
and things that spoken up on my mind are ‘HOW COME?!’
I really want to hear the reason when mom straight away typed that Aya’s sleep time take the reason.
and WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH BUGS ON YOU. not for mom, but me.
and yeah I spent this day by sit in front of my lappy all time and just search and look out some attractive places to come.

the things are it may take me to ‘hang out places’ articles or something like that, but eventually I hit that youtube site and starts to hunt any videos about HARRY POTTER‘s behind the scenes.
and ITS REALLY MADE MY EVENING. and not even evening. ITS ‘MADE MY DAY’.


shut me up.
I tell you buds that I really feel pathetic just to realized what am I doin these days. I mean there were a lot of chances for me to come on a festival, or an events. music events exactly. but what I did was sat in front of my lappy. JUST IT.
and that means, THE WHOLE DAY. can you even imagine it? and its not GOIN FORWARD.

okay, thats it. about my pathetic sides.

and here we go into my POTTERMORE page XD
I just found a site -maybe you guys knew it for along time ago since the ‘fire’ people attack-
in this Pottermore by J.K Rowling I got a new username. but it sound really cool and I love it so much. so I said it my ‘wizard title’ HAHAH so cool B)
it named GalleonPhoenix !! *excited*
and it comes along with a serial number, 21475. and I claimed it to be my future ‘wizard locker’

seeya then, chu~


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