A winding road, lil’ sense, walking around the path

Fell like a drop, A lil’ shape

Hope that I fall asleep

As soon as the time round

I won’t feel the sense

Hope that I’ll get a ‘stupefy’ word

Right in front of me . . I stunned

The winding road still keep the sense

Force me . . I’m trembling

 Turn slowly . . Like a wind

We’re a drops of path . . as our relation

Disappeared, burned, killed,  demolished, passed . .


The light fall down

Even the twinkle of the stars sprinkle on me

The lights slash into my heart and ripped it

It’s numb . . Grieved silence

A sparkle of a luminous samurai sword

Which easily cut down my sense

A very killing luster. . so eliminate

As hard I try to struggle

That sliced more and more hurting, ripping, cutting, chopping, destroying

Bring up such a bright killing lights

Which so smarting to be seen

Whether there’s someone wanna let me jump


This damn thing.


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