grandfather all over

like a leave which follow where the wind blow him away…

if i would speak to one family who has passed on..

absolutely i'll pick my grandfather.

speak with him is the most.and the best choice to speak.

i'm not undersetimate my other family member.

but, unfortunately i say,

my grandfather is my best listener ever.

my best teacher ever.

my best adviser.

my best best guide ever i had.

he always be right beside me even i don't ask him to..

his spirit is my energy to face all.

responsibility, affection, life goal, sincere, respection, and all life's rules.

has given to me.

but in the last day he breath,

he ask me to read him a holy book.

but i don't. i just cry over and i lost my thinking to do something worth..

and i realize. i'm not such a good granddaughter for him.

i just hope i can get his advice more..

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